Business Computer Support

Get higher quality computer & IT support for your business at a rate that’s probably less than what you’re paying now

Fusework Studios partners with small to medium sized businesses in Central Indiana to work as their IT department. Typically, for a fraction of what it would cost to have a full-time employee on staff each month, you can have the same level of computer & network support and peace of mind you would get if you had an entire IT department on your payroll.

Top five reasons to consider an alternative to your existing office computer & network support service:

1.  When a problem occurs, those responsible for fixing it don’t respond quickly enough to address the issue and leave you hanging.

2.  It takes multiple attempts to fix a problem.  The same problem consistently resurfaces causing you to have to have someone come back out to try to fix it again and again.

3.  Your current provider is difficult to work with.  They don’t treat you with respect and appreciation and helping you seems like it’s an imposition.

4.  The company you currently use for IT support appears to have a high amount of turnover among its IT staff.  Too often you find yourself getting a new IT support person who needs to be familiarized with your systems and brought up to speed at your expense.

5.  You feel like you might be paying more than you need to each month to get the level of IT support and peace of mind you want.

Whether you have someone on your staff to help you with your office computer & network needs or you utilize the services of a managed IT, find out if you can increase the level of support and quality of service you receive each month and, at the same time, reduce the amount you spend each month to receive it.

To find out if Fusework Studios’ No Worry Network™ Tech Support Service would be a better fit than your current IT support service, simply contact us to schedule a free IT walk-through, we’ll discuss your current IT needs and the challenges you’re having and then provide you with an estimate.

Contact us by phone at 765-228-2125 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

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